AI NOW: Research and Development

AI NOW: RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT 2021 conference is organized by The International Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (BK.AI), School of Information and Communication Technology, HUST with the support from our trustworthy partner – Naver Corporation. This event aims to bring together renowned experts in the AI field and business leaders to present cutting-edge techniques and have in-depth discussions on data science and artificial intelligence, as well as to facilitate the adoption of these future technologies in our daily life.

The conference attracted the participation of many famous speakers, which are leading researchers and technology leaders from well-known domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, and large companies. The conference covers various topics such as AI in Digital Transformation, Neural Machine Reasoning, Explainable AI, Potential Applications of AI to Assist Intelligent Traffic Systems, Some New Trends and Applications in Image Analysis, NVIDIA Compute Architectures, Viettel AI Platform, FPT AI Platform. In addition, some preliminary results of HUST-NAVER collaboration projects are also presented.

The conference will be held hybrid: offline at the B1 building as well as online via zoom. All the talks will be live-streamed on HUST’s YouTube channel and Facebook fan page.

Time: 8h30-17h30 Saturday 13-th November, 2021
Place: Big Hall, 3-rd Floor, B1 Building, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

More details can be found on the conference website at

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