On December 12th, 2023, the School of Information and Communication Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with Naver Corporation will organize a workshop in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DS&AI).

During this workshop, the director board of BKAI will summarize the results of cooperation between SoICT-HUST and NAVER in the second year and introduce the research plan for the third year. Finally, BKAI research scientists will share their latest research results in collaboration with NAVER.

Tentative Agenda:

Timeline Content
8:00 Welcome Speech
8:05 Speech by Representative of SoICT

Prof. Ta Hai Tung – Dean of SoICT

8:10 Speech by Representative of NAVER Vietnam

Mr. Park Dong Jin – CEO of NAVER Vietnam

8:15 Annual Report on Cooperation Activities and Introduction to New Research Topics for the Third Year

Dr. Dinh Viet Sang – Vice Managing Director of BKAI

8:30 Discussion about the new research topics


9:00 Implicit Deep Learning for Semantic Segmentation

Dr. Tran Nguyen Ngoc – Research Scientist, BKAI

9:15 Uncertainty-aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Techniques for Scene Understanding

Dr. Nguyen Thi Oanh – Research Scientist, BKAI

9:30 Vietnamese Handwriting Detection and Recognition

Prof. Nguyen Phi Le – Managing Director, BKAI

Photo session and Coffee break
10:00 End-to-end Spoken Language Understanding for Vietnamese Language

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang – Research Scientist, BKAI

10:15 Filtering spam image uploaded by users in shopping’s reviews

Dr. Ngo Thanh Trung – Research Scientist, BKAI

10:30 Review images classification

Dr. Dinh Thi Ha Ly – Research Scientist, BKAI

10:45 Grading Quality of Review Images

Dr. Dang Tuan Linh – Research Scientist, BKAI

11:00 Review Image Multi-label Classification on Moods

Dr. Dinh Viet Sang – Vice Managing Director, BKAI

11:15 Closing remarks