NLP Short Course Taught by Naver Labs Europe’s Experts

Following the successful AI courses in May 2021, BK.AI incorporated with NAVER LABS is going to organize an NLP short course taught by leading European experts in a few days.
The course will cover three hot topics:
(1) Parsing and its use for Information Extraction
Time: 19h30-22h30, 29th November 2021
Lecturer: Prof. Salah, NAVER Labs Researcher
Slides: Part 1 Part 2
Recording: for internal access only
(2) Natural Language Generation
Time: 19h30-22h30, 6th December 2021
Lecturer: Prof. Hady, NAVER Labs Researcher
Slides: Natural Language Generation
Recording: here
(3) Machine Translation
Time: 19h30-22h30, 13th December 2021
Lecturer: Prof. Vassilina, NAVER Labs Researcher
Slides: Machine Translation
Recording: here
The lectures will be delivered online via MS Teams. All registered users will be added to an MS Team dedicated to the course.
We would like to invite all HUST students to join the course to gain deeper knowledge in NLP.
Here is the link for registration:
Deadline: 23h59, Sunday, 28th November 2021
QR code: