Seminar: ML application from a Software Engineer’s perspective

Topic: ML application from a Software Engineer’s perspective

Time: 17h00, Monday, August 15th, 2022

Speaker: Mr. Trần Đức Hiệu, Google Software Engineer

📌 Location: B1-404


With the recent rapid development of Deep Learning, the applications are feasible everywhere. Building a new ML application is as “easy” as playing Legos — at some level the only limitation is the imagination. In this talk we walk through the process of building an on-device model to extract main content from phone screens as an example of designing and building an ML application from scratch. We then brainstorm a “fun” project and discuss the existing research results as components to build a prototype at different levels of difficulty.

Speaker Bio:

Trần Đức Hiệu studied in HUST in 2001-2002 where he obtained the scholarship to study Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in Moscow State University, Russia in 2003-2008. He co-founded and worked in the iTim company (later CocCoc) from 2006-2008. He joined Google as a Software Engineer in 2013 after dropping out from the PhD research on Computer Vision (2009-2012) in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. At Google he worked on the various large-scale Machine Learning projects in YouTube before transferring to Google Research in 2018 and since then focuses on on-device Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing models.

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