A smart solution for converting image files into useful data.

BK-OCR combines optical character recognition (OCR), template recognition, content analysis to extract data from the image of any document entered as a scanned or mobile captured image.

Features of BK-OCR

  • Text localization and recognition, especially for Vietnamese
  • Template recognition
  • Template definition
  • Information extraction
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Document Reader

Receipts, invoices, scanned documents…

Automatic License Plate Recognition

A robust accurate ALPR under different lighting conditions

ID Card Reader

Extract information from ID cards: id number, name, date of birth, hometown, address, issue date, etc

Driving License Reader

Extract name, license ID, date of birth, class, expired date, etc… from driving licenses

Name Card Recognition

Extract all useful information in different types of name cards

Passport Reader

Recognize all key fields in passports such as: passport number, passport type, name, nationality, issue date, expired date, etc