The V-Chain platform delivers its capabilities through pre-written Core and Utility Services. The services come with multiple processes – allowing creation of configurable decentralized applications based on Blockchain technologies.


V-chain is designed to support application developers in easily building and deploying decentralized solutions by utility services.

  • V-Engine: Users can choose the blockchain network at will, e.g. Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, or IPFS.
  • V-Wallet: Users can manage private and public keys in V-Chain
  • V-Storage: Users can store files of any size in a distributed manner by combining using public IPFS and blockchain.
  • V-Sign: Users can sign and encrypt information using either a handwritten signature or a private key.
  • V-Monitoring: Users can track transaction status, usage resources, and network health.
  • V-Trace: Users can define the type of data they want to track and retrieve from the blockchain block.
  • V-Mapping: Users can define the data structure they want to write to the blockchain using the key-value format.

Our solutions

  • B-AGRI: is an agricultural product traceability solution using blockchain technology. The B-AGRI solution allows businesses to record all the information in their agricultural product supply chain on the blockchain network.
  • B-BOX: a solution in the V-chain ecosystem for storing data with transparency, security and especially decentralization using content-based, cryptography, and blockchain technology.
  • B-CONTRACT: a solution that uses blockchain technology to help the process of checking, validating and tracing versions of electronic contracts. B-contract enhances the confidence of the participants in electronic contracts. The solution also allows participants to easily invite relevant people to sign the desired contract.
  • B-CERT: a solution in V-chain ecosystem for storing, verifying and tracing educational certifications.
  • B-KYC: is a mobile solution to verify user identity for all DApps built on the V-chain chain ecosystem. B-KYC allows identification of data via ID card and passport photo using AI technology.

Our achievements

  • Sponsored by Vingroup Innovation Fund (VINIF)
  • Published 3 articles in Q1 specialized journal
  • Won the consolation prize in the category of Digital Outlook, Vietnam Talent Competition 2019 (Nhan tai Dat Viet 2019)

Our orientation

There’s no doubt to say that via this cooperation, we can create a comprehensive development ecosystem in many aspects.That’s the reason why we look forward to working with goodwill investors who are interested in blockchain technology to further develop our brainchild.

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