BKAI-NAVER Challenge 2022 – Final Round and Closing Ceremony

BKAI-NAVER Challenge 2022 is an annual event jointly held by the BKAI Center and Naver Corporation, Korea, under the cooperation framework of the two parties. The data provided in the contest is part of the results of the 2021 cooperation projects between BKAI and Naver. The contest consists of three tasks: Vietnamese Intent Detection and Slot Tagging; Body Segmentation and Gesture Recognition; Vietnamese Scene Text Detection and Recognition.
To participate in the contest, teams must register from April 1st to April 15th, then submit the list of used pre-trained models before April 30th. The Preliminary Round of the contest started in early April, whereby teams will propose and develop AI solutions and models to solve the problem required by each task. The results submitted by teams are automatically evaluated on a public dataset. Out of 80 participating teams from universities across the country, 21 teams with the best results entered the final round on May 21-22, 2022. Here, the teams had 24 hours continuously to improve the method on the challenging private test set provided by the organizers. In the end, the best 15 teams were selected to present to the Contest Jury.
Representative of the Jury – Dr. Nguyen Phi Le, said that the teams brought to the contest many creative solutions, using modern techniques such as Transformer, Graph Neural networks, and Semi-supervised learning. Although this is the third year SoICT has held the Hackathon, it is the first time that there are so many good teams.

Teams’ presentation

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, Vice Dean of the School of Information and Communication Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, said: “The contest is an exciting and meaningful playground for students who love Artificial Intelligence. A unique feature of the contest is to solve real problems in Vietnam on the data sets provided by the organizer. The contestants will see the meaning of applying the knowledge they have learned to solve real-life problems through the contest. Dr. Hung also highly appreciated the ability of the teams that were selected out of nearly 80 registered teams for the final round. He hopes that there will be more and more competitions like this so that students can have more intellectual playgrounds and unleash their creative passions.

Group photo

Sharing the same feelings as Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hung about the contest, Dr. Dang Thieu Ngan – Director of International Cooperation and Relations of Naver Corporation Korea, Director of External Relations of Naver Vietnam, said: “Many contestants have a complete team lineup, while some of them just compete alone. However, you are all very talented, confident, and enthusiastic. Besides the purpose of creating an AI playground for you, Naver also wants to rely on the contest to be able to “discover” young talents and help you challenge yourself, promoting positive energy to follow this difficult AI field. Besides, Dr. Ngan was very excited and invited the participating teams to visit the Naver Office and the group’s first Programming Center in Vietnam. She also did not forget to remind students and trainees to apply for the open positions at the Naver’s Programming Center.
After 24 hours of the final exam, the jury selected the four best teams that deserve the first, second, third, and consolation prize for each task. Specifically:

1. Vietnamese Intent Detection and Slot Tagging

  • First prize: Đệ thầy LinhNV
  • Second prize: ThangLD
  • Third prize: Greater Will
  • Consolation prize: ml-wss

2. Body Segmentation and Gesture Recognition:

  • First prize: Overfit
  • Second prize: Team_name
  • Third prize: Young Talent
  • Consolation prize: Still Life

3. Vietnamese Scene Text Detection and Recognition:

  • First prize: D2C
  • Second prize: UIT.TurtleDog
  • Third prize: UIT AIClub SRTeam
  • Consolation prize: UIT AIClub CS.AI20v

We would like to thank aihub.vn for supporting us in organizing and hosting the contest.

Below are some photos at the event:

Opening ceremony
Jury board
Contest room
Contest room
Contest room
Contest room at night
Cultural exchange and games
The three teams won the first prize
The three teams won the second prize
The three teams won the third prize
The three teams won the consolation prize