Seminar: From Recognition to Generation: Advancements in Biometrics

Topic: From Recognition to Generation: Advancements in Biometrics

Time: 14h00-15h30, Wednesday, Feb 28th, 2024

Speaker: Prof. Peter Peer, Full Professor, Head of the Computer Vision Laboratory, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 

✅  Location:

  • Offline at Room 404, B1 Building, HUST 


Computer Vision Laboratory at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU has 18 members. Most of us do research in biometrics. We tackle topics from ear recognition, sclera and ocular region recognition, face deidentification, face privacy preservation, fingermarks quality assessment, biometrics synthetic data generation, to deepfake detection, virtual garment try-on. In this presentation I will go through the advancements we made in the last year with the goal to identify possible collaboration topics.

Speaker Bio:

Peter Peer is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia, where he heads the Computer Vision Laboratory, is a member of the Faculty senate, a member of the Faculty management board, and coordinates the double degree study program with the Kyungpook National University (KNU), South Korea. He received his PhD in computer science from UL in 2003. Within his post-doctorate he was an invited researcher at CEIT, San Sebastian, Spain. He teaches courses on Operating Systems, Game Technology and Virtual Reality, and Image-based Biometrics. His research interests focus on biometrics and computer vision. He participated in several national and EU funded R&D projects and published over 120 research papers in leading international peer reviewed journals and conferences. He is a co-organizer of a number of competitions at top-tier biometrics conferences. He serves as an executive editor at ICT Express, as an associated editor of IET Biometrics, IEEE Access, and as a topical advisory panel member of MDPI Applied Sciences. He is a member of the EAB, IAPR and IEEE. Each year he reviews for top-tier conferences. In the past he also served as a chairman of the Slovenian IEEE Computer chapter for four years, guest edited a number of special issues in different SCI journals, was a guest professor at the North-Caucasus Federal University and KNU, and served at the Faculty as a vice-dean for economic affairs for four years.

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