[Seminar] LLM and Generative AI Transforms New Order of Applications

Topic: LLM and Generative AI Transforms New Order of Applications

Time: 9h00-11h00, Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

Speaker: Dr. Ettikan, Chief Technologist/Director NVIDIA Developers Ecosystem Asia Pacific South Region

✅  Location: Room 404, B1 Building, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

or online link on MS Teams: here


In last few years, many papers were published and applications are being developed using large generative models, aka Generative AI (Deep Learning Models) such as DALLE, StyleGAN, ChatGPT. These models can generate images, audio, video, text, 3D assets, material, molecule, etc from one form to another. These Generative AI models are highly effective, creative and diverse in nature. One example of the such model is Stable-Diffusion. This new invention opens up many new possibilities and also raises some concern. This talk will introduce state of art of Generative AI models, Large Language Models (LLM) with related compute & software platform made this possible and potential applications that you can develop for real world use cases. Hi there!, if you are the LLM/GenAI enthusiast or curious to know what powers this technology, join in to learn how to build your own next generation AI System for these models and applications.

Speaker Bio:

Ettikan Kandasamy Karuppiah (Ph.D), Chief Technologist at Nvidia Asia Pacific South Region works with NVIDIA Platform Technology adopting customers, innovators, researchers, start-ups, and techno-entrepreneurs to accelerate AI & GPU/DPU inclusion for their translational R&D and software development needs in this “Attention Economy”.  

He has direct experience and passionate in accelerated computing, embedded software, autonomous systems, machine learning, deep learning, solution design and development covering end-to-end needs in various industry verticals. Currently he guides researchers/developers at NVIDIA customer/partner R&D centers and leading disruptive startups to implement actionable solutions for real world problems meeting specific requirements leveraging Nvidia GPU/DPU software/hardware capabilities. He has published numerous publications, patents and developed software libraries in past. He holds Ph.D in Computer Science with research focus in distributed computing and algorithm optimization.

Slides: NeMo Framework-ettikan-HUST

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