• PI: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Binh Minh
  • Time: 9/2019-9/2021
  • Funding: Vingroup Innovation Foundation
  • Code: VINIF.2020.DA07
  • Main areas: Blockchain, Platform, Crypto


The project is one of the pioneering researches in Vietnam related to blockchain technology, one of the strategic technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. Unlike existing studies in Vietnam, which focus on building specific applications and systems such as traceability, or e-wallets, the project aims to build a platform that supports programmers in developing decentralized applications based on blockchain technology easily, quickly, and with minimal effort. From there, the platform called V-Chain will help increase the applicability of blockchain technology to life, ensuring the transparency and immutability of data generated during the operation of IT applications.

The V-Chain platform is designed to support application development on various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Fabric, etc., along with an IPFS network for distributed data storage. Network nodes can be deployed on different infrastructures, including the user’s server, or on the hosting services of Amazon Web Service, DigitalOcean, Viettel, etc. Services inside V-Chain allow users to easily describe the application to be built, including the data to be stored and related processing. V-Chain will then spawn APIs that allow the programmer to read and write data to the selected blockchain network.

During the development of the V-Chain platform, many research problems were posed and solved, such as: managing the digital identities of users on the blockchain network so that they can be understood and authenticated by all related applications in the ecosystem; how to easily and efficiently transfer an organization’s existing data onto the blockchain network, extend existing consensus models to match organizational policy; or address user concerns about data privacy to ensure they are the owner of the data on the blockchain network and so on. Based on the research results and the built platform, we will develop and deploy two decentralized applications for agricultural product traceability and certificate validation to promote transparency in the activities of related organizations.